The shutter came down in a market town
Where the Taw and Torridge lie,
When the shutter closed, you were caught exposed
With a startled look in your eye.

As a rabbit is seen in a headlight beam,
Like a petrified block of stone,
This image I hold, from a camera cold,
Is not of the love I have known

When the scent of Broom carried over the dune
And the bracken uncurled on the moor
With a girl I dallied, courted and married
And I said to that girl I adore:

“Your heart is as warm as a summer storm,
That drifts around Bideford bay,
As gentle as mist, that the Daffodils kiss
And as pure as blossoming May.

You were born on a star, the brightest by far,
To help those without favour or fashion,
You brighten their day and lighten their way,
A jewel in the crown of compassion

A wild rose encaptured, my heart you enraptured
So rare, that the Gods will decree,
Your goodness, my love, is recorded above,
And will always be cherished by me”