Twenty Five Years on

us 2

The years are soaked in memories steep,
As lurching onward time prevails
Lest we forget, in dreams we keep
A backward glance through shrouded veils.

With eyes that held the other fast,
As hares within a spotlight caught,
When hands across a bible clasped,
The vows of blessed union sought.

Unbridled youth, impetuous soul
Slips hand in hand, through mists of time,
Born down with fates incessant hold,
Relaxed in loving arms entwined.

Each leaning on the other`s strength,
While stumbling on a rock strewn way
With tears and laughter as intense,
As summer storms on sunny days.

As ye shall sow, so shall ye reap,
Springs readily to mind,
A marriage built on feelings deep
Will stand the test of time

As morning surely turns the dawn,
And the years fly faster yet,
Like old slippers, love grows soft and warm
Threadbare, but still intact