The Devil`s Tune

window fire

In the flickering lickering candlelight.
Long shadows splashed the wall.
They pranced and danced to a silent tune
Played on the flame in that draughty room.
Beckoning fingers stroked the gloom.
Constantly changing shape

On a smoke–blackened hearth
Hot embers glowed,
Apple and Ash burned bright,
Feathery flames, flicked out in the room
Twisting a jig to the shadows tune,
As partners in dance in the gathering gloom.
To the silent sounds of the night.

An old man a'rocking beside the fire
His head lolled in time with the tune,
A branch caught the beat on the window pane
Tippety – tap in the wind and rain,
They danced to a frenzy, the shadows and flame.
In the yellowing candlelight.

A fluttering flittering moth flew in,
In from the stormy night.
Round and round and round the flame.
Catching it's wings on the window pane.
Closer and faster and closer it came,
To that candle burning bright.

Outside the moaning wind abates,
At the end of the witching hour,
Soothes the chattering rustling leaves
To a soulfull sigh in the gentle breeze.
As if at last the God's appeased,
That place lies steeping now

The shadows on the wall are still,
The candle softly glows,
The old man, gently sleeping sighs
Scented smoke from embers rise,
'Till once more, from heavy laden skies
They dance to the devil's tune