Opening Time

hay wagon2

It was already warm at the break of dawn
When we strode out to cart the hay
Tom carried a flagon topped up from the wagon,
So we stopped for a drink on the way.

A cantankerous lot while working when hot,
But as friends there were none finer,
We joked and cursed and quenched our thirst
With another glass of cider.

It was blazing hot by ten o`clock
Not a cloud in the sky to be seen,
Young Joe was a fool and unknown to us all,
Stripped off and jumped in the stream.

Len pitched a bale hard and knocked George off the cart,
He was shook up and scraped his shin,
We brought him around while there on the ground,
With a jug full of cider inside him.

The morning was done at twenty past one
We dozed in the shade of the wagon,
Bread and cheese on our lap and after a nap
We saw off a couple of flagons.

High in the sky the sun slid by,
And Bert yelled “up off your arses”
In the blazing hot sun with work to be done,
We stoked up on a couple of glasses

As the day wore on the sun still strong,
Old Dan fell asleep in the ditch,
Was it the heat or something he`d eat?
Well the cheese was a little bit rich!

We nigh slowed to a stop more often than not,
The heat was beginning to tell,
We sat on a bale light headed and frail,
The cider was finished as well

With the sun in the West we had done of our best,
And loaded the wagons high,
Had taken all day but such is the way
When your drinking the barrel dry

We staggered and lurched till we passed the church,
But cheered up as ahead was a sign,
That lit our way at the end of the day,
“Your round Bert it`s opening time!”