Ninetieth Birthday


Ninety years old, today is a treat
With cake and candles galore,
Friends and relatives gathered to meet
By the surf of a South Devon shore.

The chatter and clatter of kids and cups
Blend in with the mists of time,
As memories swirl and tumble away
Like rockpools, washed in the tide.

Remember the day you were searching for crabs
Among seaweed -slippery rocks,
Watched steamships sail by, billowing smoke
On their way to Dartmouth docks.

You sat on the down as ships sailed to war
And as they limped home to rest,
You`ve known the worst the last century gave,
But also seen the best.

Rejoice for the years and the love you have known,
Let a fanfare carry the dune,
As white horses dance in the Autumn sun
A sou -westerly plays the tune.

So smile and nod when you think you should,
Keep the past in your thoughts alone,
"As you walk now so once walked I"
says time with his sharpening stone.