Farewell My Lovely


Farewell my lovely I wish you would stay,”
As she turned on her heels and tripped lightly away,
“Farewell my lovely will I see you again?”
When the first ray of Spring warm the cold Winter`s rain,
Will you come to my hearth dry your hair by the fire,
With your Emerald green eyes full of hope and desire.

“Farewell my lovely” I whispered again,
Like a torment in Hell I was drawn to your flame,
She came to my door in the evening gloom,
The red setting sun framed her face in the room,
She stepped in and stayed with but hardly a word,
Of where she had been or what had occurred.

She swayed as she moved tossed her hair with a fling,
So graceful and sure like a Hawk on the wing,
She sat down beside me stretched out by the fire,
I felt heady with Jasmine and warm with desire,
Her eyelids grew heavy her face soft and calm,
Her raven hair tumbling she slept in my arms.

Farewell my lovely for the time that we shared,
Now I sit here alone with her scent in the air,
She opened the door out into the night,
Seeing her way by the flickering light,
Her flowing hair shone as she walked down the lane,
Lit by a watery moon on the wane.

Through the darkening night she left as she came,
At peace in the blackness surrounding her frame,
I stood there and stared as the dewy mist fell
`Till midnight was struck by the old tenor bell,
She passed through my life like a leaf down a stream,
In Summer’s to come, will you be just a dream.