A Quiet Afternoon


A heat haze, thick and breathless,
The sun was fierce in a cloudless sky
With no air to break the stillness,
Each step was hard on heavy legs
Trudging up that woodland track,
Then a grassy clearing lay ahead
So I stopped and turned and sat,
I wiped the beads of sweat away
And let my heart stop pounding
And as my breath at last returned ,
I took in my surroundings

The sanctity of peace and calm
Invoked a glow of pleasure,
As the musty smell in an empty church
Brings to mind a time I treasure,
As I gazed upon the valley floor
I saw a mirage dancing,
I stared at broken coloured shapes,
Through that sweltering mist come prancing,
The muffled roar of a tractor`s beat
Came wafting overland,
Close behind a baler squealed
With a methodic crump of rams

I closed my eyes awhile to hear,
The sounds of life around me,
The gentle buzz of insect`s wings
Too fast in flight to see,
The drone of bees on wild flower heads
Their pollen sacs to fill,
The chattering of cricket`s legs,
Unseen upon the hill,
Up in the canopy of leaves,
The birds were singing softly,
Too hot to fly that afternoon
They perched and gossiped quietly

A deep and mellow sound I heard
It held the air so long,
The tenor bell in the old church tower
A call to evensong,
I started up and turned to leave
That peaceful Kentish weald,
The sun was cooling, turning red
A blush across the field,
Another day was passing by,
Another week was done,
With inner peace I left that place
With the setting of the sun